Katherine Rhees

We are thrilled to work with textile designer Katherine Rhees to bring our clients a collection of 116 inch wide prints that offer quilters a new level of contemporary fresh design options for their backing fabrics. Quilt tops deserve a quality backing that is as stunning as the quilt top. Rhees work offers a wide variety of styles all under a modern aesthetic that compliments. We will be releasing new patterns over time so stay tuned!

What makes Katherine's work so perfect for modern quilter's? We are in a new era of quilting that calls for a fresh, fun and contemporary fabrics. Katherine is an award winning top independent selling designer. We will be continuing to release more designs and hope you are ready for quilting adventures like never before. Plus a seamless quilt backing takes away alot of the headaches of backing for your quilt top.

Have you ever considered that you are really giving yourself the option of a double sided quilt by choosing a high-quality backing that matches all the amazingness of your quilt top?   

All designs in the Katherine Rhees collection are 100% cotton sateen imported from Italy with a delicate soft drape and subtle sheen. Printed with an eco-friendly Prima-Color technology, this fabric features rich color, fine detail and strong wash durability without compromising softness. Printed here in the United States the quality of this backing fabric is unparalleled to traditional options available on the market.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Our interview with Katherine Rhees 

Do you remember your first design and what inspired you to create it?
As a child I used to wander the isles of the fabric store, dreaming of the designs I wish I could find.  I grew up to become an accountant, but after having two babies (boys), I decided to follow my dreams.  Now, I work from my home in the Rocky Mountains, usually into the wee hours of the morning, while my boys are sleeping.  
Pick one of the designs we are first featuring that has a memorable moment of creation. What was that special spark?
My first real fabric design took me at least 40 hours, and while I was showing my husband the finished product, my toddler unplugged the computer, and all was lost. 
My most popular design is the jellyfish, which was made for (and won!) an Ocean Animal design contest. It has more than 30 colors...so it will probably match anything.  :)
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, but I would skip it for more hot fudge.
What is your favorite thing to do right now to feel free of worrying about covid 19?
I'm a podcast freak.  I devour anything and everything, all the time.
When I need a mental break, I have a kitchen dance party, alone or with random company. My favorite dancing song is "It's Raining Tacos", which some people say is annoying, but it makes me happy and my body has to move.
When you need inspiration, where do you turn to?
Some of my best inspiration has come from daily art challenges on Instagram.  Often I sit down to draw something, and I end up making something completely different... Inspiration always comes if I start.