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Quilter's Dream

All Quilter's Dream batting ships directly from the Quilter's Dream factory in Virginia. Shipping delays may apply due to Covid-19.

Quilters Dream Cotton Batting is 100% cotton batting!

Please be advised it is currently taking the QD factory 2 weeks to process orders.

They start with the finest quality long-staple USA cotton.   Quilter's Dream cotton fibers are mechanically cleaned (no chemicals) and then specially carded, cross lapped and needle punched for unmatched consistency and strength.  QD does not use scrim, resin or glue – just 100% pure natural cotton.  Because QD uses such a high grade of cotton and has unique multi-step processing, Quilters Dream Cotton Batting is strong yet exceptionally soft.  

Quilters Dream Cotton Features:

  • So strong that you can quilt as closely as you would like or as far as 8″ apart – giving you great freedom of quilting design. 
  • QD special manufacturing process prevents shifting and lumping.  
  • Dream Cotton has a very high thermal value (R=3.8) and is warm in the winter, yet wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool in the summer.
  • With 100% natural environmentally-friendly cotton, Dream Cotton Batting proudly bears Cotton Incorporated’s black seal.
  • Because there are no scrims, glues, resins, or binders, not only does Dream Cotton retain a beautiful drape, but your hand and machine needles will glide smoothly through this fine, consistent cotton batting.
  • Your finished quilt may be machine washed and dried. 

Quilters Dream Cotton Lofts:  Available in four lofts for all your quilting needs

    • Request Loft:  Request is a lightweight and consistent loft developed especially for hand quilters and is ideal for fine micro-stitching. Excellent for light-weight summer quilts, baby quilts.
  •  Batting Sizing

    Crib 60 x 46 IN

    Throw 60 x 60 IN

    Twin 93 x 72 IN

    Double 96 x 93 IN 

    Queen 108 x 93 IN

    King 122 x 120 IN

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