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Whole or Pieced Backing? Reasons Why I'll Never Choose Again

Whole or Pieced Backing? Reasons Why I'll Never Choose Again

   It is all too often that the backing fabric is an afterthought. We fall in love with the fabric or the pattern for the quilt top first and then hmmm, what should I do for the back? Right? Well, I think your backside deserves just as much attention! Below are some factors to consider because you have put so much time and energy into making a beautiful quilt and the backing is important.

    If you talk to a long arm quilter, you will probably going to get an ear-full.  If you are piecing your backing, it is preferable that seams run horizontal and don't break it into too many segments especially if you are going to have trouble squaring up the edges. Backings going on machines need to be evenly held taut, no slacking or bellies dipping on the sides. On a long arm machine you need to stabilize all the materials coming together as best as possible. This is a good reason especially for larger size quilts, to invest in extra wide backing fabric so you can have a seamless backing. 

   It may seem like the backing is a great opportunity to create some stash busting ensemble of all the fabrics that didn't make it to the first act. Think about though, when you are snuggling with that special someone and the fact that you are snuggling up in something you made, (which makes it all the more awesome) wouldn't it be great that your lover is like, "wow, honey I love this quilt and the underside is so _____________ (yes, ad libs) words like cozy, funny, kinky, soft, get my point. I know you just got stuck on the word kinky so I will clarify, I once saw a quilt with a flannel backing that had 1950's pin-up girls in that Coca Cola type of illustration style. Call me old fashion, or corny but I thought that was kind of kinky. 

   I know there are some hideous wide fabrics out there and to each his or her own but I encourage you to think about your backside and have a look at some the wide prints we have, kinky isn't there yet, but bold, classic, fun and cozy definitely can be found. 



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Norma Sicotte - February 17, 2021

I always piece my backs thus making them reversible. I choose a block I like snd decide how large I want it to be and that becomes my center back, often times I will frame it. Still have square then I bring both sides out 3” beyond front side of quilt snd do the same for top snd bottom having 3” extra from front quilt. They are easy to keep square snd bring a “wow” when showing or giving. I love a pieced back.

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