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What You Should Think About Replacing For Your Sewing Projects

What You Should Think About Replacing For Your Sewing Projects

   In every sewing room there are certain tools that need to be refreshed so that you can keep working and spend less time trying to hack your way through the process. Below are the most important items in your sewing space to keep up to date.

Cut Once

   Having a sharp blade or shear on your scissors is key to having clean edges on your cut pieces. Why is this so important? Having a clean edge means it is easier as you sew on your machine to clearly see the edge of your material and maintain the seam allowance. Remember the saying measure twice cut once? There are several ways to interpret the wisdom of this saying. The essential wisdom in two parts: double check your measurements and you will not not waste material or dilute your ambitions to get the project done! 

   Another smart reason to have that edge sharp is the same reason a sharp knife in the kitchen is safer than a dull one. More injuries result from dull blades that have you applying more pressure with less control thereby trying to force the cut. 

   The best way to keep your blades sharp is to either buy a new pair, always have replacement blades on  hand or invest in a blade sharpening machine like the TrueSharp Power Rotary Blade Sharpener


Pins and Things

   All too often on my list of things I need to replace, I put off replacing my pins. With a wide range of fabric weights to sandwiching several layers, and shall we say entanglements that occur in the pursuit of perfection, my ratio of straight to bent pins begins to get off kilter. In addition, there are so many new products to assist with pinning or anchoring that the old fashion pin has its place but may not be the front runner for what you are doing. 

   For example, clips like the Wonder Clips  made by the brand Clover are great for binding quilts, applying cording to cushions or pillows and other projects that involve sandwiching together several layers that would typically be more challenging to get a pin through easily. 

   Innovation is believe it or not is burgeoning in the pin world. If you are not familiar you will be amazed by the products being created by the brand Gypsy Quilter, their Cool Pins are revolutionary to anyone who has spent hours ironing and suffered burns from trying to grab pins that were in contact with the heat of the iron. They are heat resistant up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit so you can iron over them without melting the tip of the pin or burning your finger. The large pinheads are easy to grasp and manipulate - perfect for all ages. And since the tips of the Cool Pins are colorful (available in Fuscia, Blue and Purple), they are easy to spot and remove - no pins left behind.  


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