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Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider Teaching Your Kids to Sew

Top 4 Reasons You Should Consider Teaching Your Kids to Sew

   I kid you not that my daughter will grow up with some of the earliest noises and activities recognizable to her being in near proximity to a sewing machine and me in some part of the process of sewing. When she was just one month old she nestled in a special pillow with blankets on my lap as I sewed away. The project had to get done and looking back it was more manageable then to sit and sew with her than it feels like now that she is 4 years old. After meeting other moms that make all sorts of crafts (many for a living), I realized that sometimes we forget that sharing our process whether it is for pleasure or for work is an opportunity to impart invaluable messages and experiences with our kids. 

   So as you begin a new day and wonder what to do with the day, here are some inspiring reasons why grabbing a bunch of your materials and tools with your kids is going to create a kind of special that will last forever for everyone. 

Motor Skills

   Swiping across a screen is an intuitively genius user interface even a baby can understand but it does not replace the brain connections created when you learn to feel a material and aim a pair of scissors or a needle. Fine tuning motor skills from toddlers to teenagers to every age is full of stress reducing, brain excising goodness. At any age just trying to thread a needle and aim the spacing of stitches, following a line, repeating sequences of activity takes efforts we are not challenged by in our everyday activities. Even when it seems like a mess is about to explode, remember everyone needs to play sometimes especially you. 


   When it seems like from toddler to teenager, keeping focus to get a project or portion of a project completed is like herding cats, take a deep breathe and realize working together to stay focused creates accountability lessons and can help you help them for life. I was not a great student until I learned how I learn which inherently meant understanding how to focus. I had to try things I did not see people closet to me having to do but it taught me how individualized learning can be. Sometimes the things we take for granted about how knowledge is absorbed is not genetic and we need to explore examples of how others focus. Breaking down a project into parts that build confidence and make the project achievable or learning to burn through a deadline together is a bond.

Bonds for Life

   A friend with many brothers once told me that her secret to getting them to talk to her and share their thoughts and feelings was to get them busy with an activity and then she would proceed to slowly ask questions. Of course this makes sense but sometimes as a parent, we get so caught up in what needs to get done that we miss just being in the moment with our child. If you are not sure where to get started with teaching the basics of sewing, I have found that putting a piece of fabric in a small embroidery hoop and drawing a simple line is good because it stabilizes the material and lets them focus on the concepts of putting the needle through and up and spacing the stitches. My daughter loves to pick the thread colors and change them out as she creates her thread drawings. She is still very young but the potential for making clothes and other items is sparked and she cannot wait until she is big enough to use a sewing machine. Building curiosity for things she can make with her hands has rewards for her life long (see our post of #craftismytherapy)

   Sewing is a life skillset that is empowering and comes in handy sometimes in the most unlikely moments. It is a skill you learn by doing and sharing in that development will be a great gift to give your child. 


  Creating connections through play is not only good for children it is a unifying human principle that connects us with each other and our pets etc. Consider how you feel your thoughts shift when sit down perceiving something as work versus play. Yes, it is very important to enjoy work, set goals and complete things that we probably would never consider playful. The elasticity we provide our brains when we approach challenges through the lens of play is a powerful skill.  

   Here are some great books on fun projects to do with kids that range from sewing to other crafts. 


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