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Tips for Pillows that Add Swoon-Worthy Cool to Your Home

Tips for Pillows that Add Swoon-Worthy Cool to Your Home

   There are few things that are as easy to add to your living space that have as big an impact visually without a big impact on your wallet. While you lust after that stunning sofa you saw on Instagram, realize you can transform your own sofa, chaise or bedroom with this secret tip from interior designers. Pillows pack power! 

    Here are some trends that are easy to put together with a little time at your sewing machine.


   Velvet is a trend that just keeps on giving! Over the past few years velvet has been at the forefront in interiors because it adds such a level of softness and luxury to any room. If you think about the fabrics in your home like layers of texture that help coalesce the mood you are seeking to create, velvet adds a depth that engenders glamour and sophistication. From bright colors, pastels to neutrals, velvet pillows are very versatile. If you are concerned about washing due to pets and young children, source upholstery velvet that is more rugged and can easily handle light stains with a damp cloth. Lighter weight velvet fabrics more geared are great for velvet pillows in the bedroom. Take everything a step further and consider quilted velvet too!

Round and Round 

.   Stop being so square! Add some serious fun to a playroom, bedroom or living room with anything but the square pillow. We love this fun tutorial on how to make a round tufted pillow. Think corduroy, tweed or bouclé if you want some sophistication. Make it a fun family craft project and use fabric paint to stamp or paint on canvas and then sew up fun shapes. This fiberfill is a great material to have on hand so you can fill out any shape. 

Linen & Denim 


    Linen and denim are going to be a big trends in Spring/Summer 2021 in the home. Linen is an incredible textile that is incredibly durable and gets softer over time with more use and washing. It is one of the strongest natural fibers so if you can choosing between a cotton fabric and a linen fabric, linen will last longer over time and use. It is also a hypo-allergenic fabric when it is 100% linen so it is a great fabric for the bedroom as well.

   Denim has been knocking at the door for a long time and it can be done in so many ways that brings such a different mood to a room. If you go a deep indigo, it is perfect for bringing that classic blue and white effortlessly chic charm to your home. If you are feeling more daring, you can go with a stone worn denim that done in a more contemporary cushion or pillow is a cool idea. The think profile deep sofa's are a perfect fit for this idea.  We think denim will be such a trend because of the durability and freshness that it can bring to any room. Just like the jeans you wear, it goes with almost anything! 

   We hope you like this round up of pillow ideas! From the fiberfill to the pillow inserts, check out our online shop for all the supplies you need to get making your pillows and transforming your home.






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