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Take a Deep Breath and Sew: Stress Busting Simple Sewing Projects (Use Your Scraps!)

Take a Deep Breath and Sew: Stress Busting Simple Sewing Projects (Use Your Scraps!)

   You are most certainly not alone if sitting down with your fabric, scissors and sewing machine is that calming cup of tea at the end of a long day. We have put together some ideas for simple sewing projects that utilize your favorite scraps of fabric and bring function and beauty to you. 

 Hair Scrunchies  

 Turns out the 1990's hair trend that so many of us had drawers full of is actually really good for your hair and en vogue again. Yup, the hair scrunchie is well established as having made its return to the everyday. It is not that you lump it in a ponytail to the side of your head (that can stay in the 1990's) but finding some fun fresh fabric scraps can easily be sewn up with some Stretchrite Braided Elastic and violá, something to keep your hair back and it is gentler than the regular hair elastics in your drawer. Have little one's with long hair, making hair scrunchies can be a family affair too! 

Pot Holders

    Take your favorite quilt block into the kitchen with you! Add charm and function to your kitchen with easy quilt block inspired potholders. A great way to experiment with patterns and your fabric scraps, this is a timeless project that is now easier than ever to do and get all the benefits of store bought pot holders. Use Bosal Revolutionary Insulating Fabric Pot Holder batting inside and get the protection of heat resistance up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Stay Organized

    There are far too many items that either clutter your desktop, countertop, dresser or closet that can make things feel more chaotic than they need to. Recently a thorough cleaning thorough my child's bedroom in preparation for a puppy arriving in our home made my anxiety skyrocket. An abundance of small parts from Legos to doll house furniture looked like a hazardous carpet bomb just asking for puppy drama. I have a fondness for clear plastic bins but images of a sterile clear plastic bedroom did not capture the warmth and fun I want her room to have for her. A great solution is using fabric scraps to sew together baskets for her items and mine too! This Bosal In-R-Form Single Sided Fusible Foam Stabilizer is perfect for creating small to large baskets that can be fun projects for your home. Super soft, washable and easy to make. Getting organized can be fun and add that special touch to any room. 

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