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Our Favorite February YouTube Tutorial Videos

Our Favorite February YouTube Tutorial Videos

   Maybe it is because we are all looking at our budgets more closely but recently I feel like I am hearing alot of people say, I'm addicted to YouTube. It is the cut the cord paradise for people who like to learn how to make just about anything. We have put together a list of what we feel are the top 5 YouTube videos knocking out February with a bang! We know there a volumes more terrific content out there so feel free to let us know in the comments section what your favorites are right now.

1. General Sewing 

This video has sewing tips that are powerful for whatever you are making with fabric, patterns and a machine. From quilting to making clothes, this is a very helpful video that also help you understand some other uses for notions and tools you have in your sewing room. 

 2. Understanding Sewing Patterns

    Many moons ago I took a college course in fashion on how to create patterns for clothes. I absorbed very little and later tried again taking a class at a local craft center, better understanding but still hugely intimidated by the pattern concept. This video is delightful and friendly for anyone to learn about sewing patterns and the pants created are so inspiring. It made me think I should give patterns another try and with a little one at home that is still pretty open to what clothes she will wear, the family may benefit from the new projects as well!

3. For the Love of Quilting !

Always a fan of everything that comes out of Lo & Behold Stitchery, (check out our modern quilt pattern collection), we couldn't help but love this project and the ombre color field gives it a fun modern, contemporary feel that is sure to inspire. If you are ready to jump into this project, also check out our Fiberfill section for some great ideas. 

4. Little Time But Itching to Make Something Fun? 

    Pandemic or not, time is precious and getting that stitch count on your machine to a higher number is not going to happen letting it sit there all by itself. This video is full of fun projects, scrap fabric friendly that are useful at home and can add alittle sparkle to your day. Hint, watch the first video on tips and you will ace your way through these projects with even greater accuracy and polish!

5. Are there ever too many pillows?

.   I could honestly have a closet just devoted to pillows. They are great to have on hand for movie nights under quilts and in a pillowy cloud of comfort. While you can't change the sofa as often as you might like, you can change the mood with some new pillows. This simple tutorial will have you knocking out pillow covers left and right!

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