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Economize Your Batting: Most Affordable Quilt Batting

Economize Your Batting: Most Affordable Quilt Batting

    The extraordinary history of quilting is the art of savvy and creative problem solving. Today we enjoy stunning fabrics and an array of ready-made fat quarters, charm squares, binding and a sometimes overwhelming selection of batting options. In the current economic climate though many of us are looking for budget friendly options in our quilting process. We carry all the major brands of batting and wanted to put together a group of the most affordable options. Select the individual batting product to see our great savings offers on volume pricing for each item.

Mountain Mist

  This brand is by far the most economical and has a variety of types that are not commonly carried by the box stores. Some quilter's may associate Mountain Mist just with polyester but they also carry an 80/20 and variety of cotton batting that are perfect for the budget savvy quilter.


   Hobbs manufactures several lines of batting that offer a variety of price points. The most economical line is the Heirloom line. Both the rolls that offer quilter's the ability to really maximize the most projects out of a roll to the individual packaged batting, this line is very popular.


Within the Hobbs collection there is also Poly-Down which is made with very fine white denier polyester that provides a lovely soft drape and makes this batting exceptional for hand quilting.Poly-Down is resin bonded to provide added durability and resist bearding and migration. It is machine washable, non-allergenic and maintains loft. This batting may be quilted up to 4” apart and will not shrink. It offers an exceptional degree of warmth and affordability.

Fairfield Soft & Toasty Natural Roll      

   This line of roll batting is a favorite for it's affordability and consistency. The two roll sizes offer a flexibility that matched with fusible batting tape, is a terrific combination. Many quilters who are creating quilts for charity or for use at home with kids and everyday life all around, happily use this brand.  




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