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Our Quilt Queue is closed for new orders.

We will begin taking new orders in January 2021. If you have questions, please email us. 

If you have a quilt currently with us, please visit our queue page to check the status of your order number.

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Our most recent Google Reviews

 "Love love love The Modern Quilting Company! My quilt turned out beautiful. They were so kind to help me with thread color and design. The customer service is the best! I would recommend The Modern Quilting Company to anyone for all long arm and quilting needs!!!"  J. Whittaker 5 Stars

"MQC chose a great color of thread for this quilt - gold! I never would have thought of it and it’s perfect. They also made sure it was done in time for a wedding present. The ordering and shipping process is also very easy and clear." J. Bain 5 Stars

What Our Customer's Have to Say

 "I love the one inch straight lines—simple yet elegant. They worked perfectly on my Bird Watching Quilt (pattern from Suzy Quilts). The Modern Quilting Company’s queue system flows nicely and efficiently. I’m looking forward to sending in more quilts!" K. Martin 5 Stars

We stand by our commitment to providing quilters with the best.

"I scored a big win when I bought two packages of my favorite batting and received a 3rd free of charge. The service was excellent and prompt. I highly recommend The Modern Quilting Company for all quilters." L. Haymeyer 5 Stars